Chile Peppers List of Names

Hot Peppers by Name…

ACI SIVRI-medium heat; 7″ long by ½” wide; a long, narrow cayenne type; from Turkey.

AFGHAN-hot; 2½-3″ long by ½” wide pods; fruits are pendant and mature from green to red; from Afghanistan.

AJI BROWN-mild; 4-6″ fruits turn brown when mature; fruits have a sweet chile flavor without the heat.

AJI COLORADO-very peppery and spicy; long 3-5″ x 1″ conical, slightly wrinkled, shiny orange-red pendant fruit; from Central Bolivia.

AJI HABANERO-hot; 3-4″ wrinkled, conical fruits have a unique, spicy/smoky flavor similar to the Yucatan Habanero; shiny yellow-green pods ripen to orange then red;
from South America.

AJI ROJO-mild when green, hot when orange-red and mature; fruit 4″ long, 1″ across; somewhat frost resistant; originally from Peru; Incan Empire favorite; C.

AJI YELLOW-mild when green, hotter when yellow and mature; fruits are 3-4″ by 3/4″; plants are prolific bearers and are somewhat frost resistant.

ALMAPAPRIKA-medium heat; 2″ by 1½” fruit; unique apple-shaped pods grow upright; flesh is thick, crunchy and sweet, with a lingering heat; from Hungary.

AMMAZZO-medium heat; ½” by ¾” cherry type pods; fruits are borne in clusters of 8-15, that resemble red marbles in a green bowl; from Italy.

ANAHEIM-medium hot; 7″ long shiny fruits; continuous bearing, high yielding; good canned, dried, fried or pickled.

ANCHO 101-mildly hot; 4-6″ blocky, heart-shaped fruit; called “poblano” when fresh, “ancho” in its dried form; often used for chile rellenos.

ANCHO GIGANTIA-mildly hot; 5-7″ green fruits mature to brown; a larger Ancho type that is reputed to hold its size in warmer climates.

ANCHO RANCHERO HYBRID-mild; 5-7″ large green fruits have wide shoulders; are great for stuffing; a tall sturdy plant with high yields.

ANCHO SAN LUIS-mild; 6″ long by 3″ wide, heart-shaped fruits; uniform pods mature from green to red, then mahoghany; can be stuffed or used fresh.

ANGKOR SUNRISE-hot; 1″ pods are produced upright; matures to yellow; a Tabasco relative from Cambodia.

ARLEDGE HEIRLOOM-hot; 2-3″ long red fruit held upright on plant; used in the preparation of Tabasco Sauce; from Louisiana.

AURORA-very hot; 1½” by ¾” fruits; upright peppers rise above foliage of compact plants; makes a colorful chile pepper vinegar; good border plant.

AZR-hot; 2″ long by ½ ” wide fiery red fruit; very attractive; used in many of India’s hot dishes; C. frutescens.

BERMUDA HOT-mild; 3″ long pods have broad shoulders; fruits are thick and fleshy; short, bushy plants produce heavily; from Bermuda.

BIG JIM-medium hot; large, fleshy, 6-10″ tapered fruits; sturdy plants bearing 24-30 pendant pods.

BISHOPS CROWN-medium hot; 2½” 3-sided fruits that resemble the crown a Catholic Bishop wears; late maturing, very large plant from Barbados.

BOLIVIAN RAINBOW-spicy; 1″ x ½” upright, pointed, multi-colored fruit; unique, good for landscaping.

BULGARIAN CARROT-sweet hot; 3½” bright, fluorescent orange fruits; good for chutneys, marinades, pickles and salsas.

CABAI BURONG-hot, with a hint of lemon; 2″ x ¼” fruits held upright on plants; matures from green to red; from Malaysia.

CARMINE- very hot; 2-3″ long , 1″ wide fruits; pendant yellow and red fruits; looks like an elongated habanero.

CASCABEL-medium heat; 1″ globe-shaped fruits; matures to a dark reddish-brown; can be used green, but more popular in it’s dried form, when the seeds are so loose
they rattle inside the pod.

CASCABELLA- hot; small 1½” x ½” yellow conical fruit, tapered to a point; ripens to red; bountiful harvest.

CAYENNE CAROLINA-hot; 5-6″ long thick-walled fruit with a dimple on the end; pods start green then turn red; twice the heat of a normal cayenne.

CAYENNE GOLDEN-hot; 6″ pencil thin fruits; matures to a golden color; great for drying.

CAYENNE LARGE THICK-quite hot; 5-6″ thick fleshed fruits; wrinkled, tapered and curved; used dried, pickled or in salsas.

CAYENNE LONG SLIM-hot and prolific; 5-6″ slender, two-celled fruit; often curled and twisted; prolific; the finest drying pepper.

CHARLESTON HOT-very hot; 3-4″ x 1″ slightly curved fruits; 15 times hotter than Jalapeno; heavy yielding plants are heavy nitrogen feeders; C. cerasiforme.

CHERRY BOMB HYBRID-medium hot; 2″ thick-walled fruits mature green to red; a high yielding cherry hybrid; good canned or pickled.

CHERRY CHOCOLATE-medium heat; 1½” round fruits have medium thick flesh; mature from green to a dark chocolate brown; produces high yields.

CHERRY RED LARGE-hot; 1½” round, medium thick flesh mature from green to red; a good processing, pickling and home garden pepper.

CHILIANCHO HYBRID-mildly hot; 6″ fruits mature early from deep green to dark red; a wide shouldered Ancho type with high yields and a good flavor with extra heat.

CHILTEPIN-very hot; 3/8″; a miniature chile usually harvested in the wild in the southwest US.; fruits are thin-skinned and mature from green to red.

CHIMAYO-medium heat; 3-4″ long by 1¼” wide; green fruits mature to red; an early New Mex type; can be used fresh in salsas or dried for powder; from Chimayo, New

CHINESE MULTI-COLOR-very hot; 1″ conical pods; fruits mature from purple to creamy to yellow to orange then red; dark foliage and pods in five colors makes this a
real beauty; from China

COBAN-very hot; 3/4-1 ” triangular fruits; grow upright in clusters; mature to orange and red; from Guatemala.

COCHITI-hot; 4″ medium length pods; needs a long growing season; from Cochiti pueblo in New Mexico. MY sincere appologies to Sean Morning-Star for the error in the
location.Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

CONGO TRINIDAD-very hot; a large 2″ habanero that matures red; from Trinidad.

COSTEÑO-quite hot; 3″ tapered, thin-walled fruit; perfect for sauces and salsas; from Oaxaca, Mexico.

CRIMSON HOT-medium hot; 6½” tiangular fruits have thick flesh; an early Ancho that matures a waxy crimson.

CRIOLLA SELLA-hot; 3″ green fruits turn yellow when ripe; use fresh or dried; from Bolivia.

CZECHOSLOVAKIAN BLACK-mildly hot; 2″ x 1″ conical, blunt ended, very dark fruit; the plant has purple venation in its dark green leaves.

DATIL-hot; 3″ long by ¾” wide fruits; matures from green to yellow or red; from St. Augustine, Florida; C. chinense.

DE ARBOL-very hot; 2-3″ long, thin pointed pods; maturing deep red; thin skinned, perfect for grinding into powder when dry, for use in red chile sauces, soups or

DELICIAS HYBRID-medium heat; 3″ fruits similar to Jalapeno, but less heat; a newer, very productive plant with disease resistance.

DEMRE-mild to medium hot; 4-6″ long, 3/4″ wide thin skinned pods, tapering to a point; excellent pickling or frying pepper; from Turkey.

DEVIL’S TONGUE-very, very hot; 2-2½” long by 1″ wide; somewhat flattened and wrinkled fruits taper to a point; matures to a golden yellow; this pepper is
outrageously hot!

ECUADOR HOT-extremely hot; 3/4″ purple pods that turn green, then red; very dark purple foliage with some variegation;a very pretty ornamental.

ESPAÑOLA IMPROVED-medium hot; 5-6″ thin walled, tapered fruits; very uniform and a heavy yielder; a short seasoned variety developed in New Mexico.

FATALII-extremely hot; 2½” habanero type that matures yellow and tapers to a point; from Central South African Republic.

FIESTA-hot; 1½”-2″ long, thin pods; fruits grow upright in loose clusters; compact foliage; a pretty plant.

FILIUS BLUE-very hot and purple when young, turning red and mild as they mature; 1½” pods on plants that produce unusual purplish foliage.

FIRE-quite hot; 1½” by ½” bright green pods, maturing to red; perfect for spicy recipes.

FIRECRACKER PIQUIN-fiery hot; 3/4″ glossy purple fruits; upright pods are rounded and slowly mature to bright red; very ornamental, multi-branching plants.

FRESNO-medium hot; 2-3″ x 1″ upright fruits; very prolific; used primarily in salsas; from Mexico.

GARDEN SALSA HYBRID-medium heat; 8-9″ long, 1″ wide fruit; very heavy bearing; resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus; from Mexico.

GOLD SPIKE HYBRID-hot; 3″ long by 1½” wide fruits have medium thick flesh; conical pods taper to a point; matures from yellow to orange to red; productive plants are
resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus.

GUAJILLO-medium heat; 4″ by 1″, a shiny, large podded variety, which matures a deep orange/red/brown; very popular in Mexico for sauces and salsas.

GUAM BOONIES-very hot; 1″ pods ; fruits mature orange; plants require a long season to produce; good for drying.

HABANERO-CHOCOLATE-extremely hot; 1½” chocolate-brown fruits; also called “Congo Black”.

HABANERO-GOLDEN-very hot; 2″ pods; matures a deep golden color; fruits are produced on a beautiful, large plant.

HABANERO-ORANGE-one of the hottest; 1½” bright orange fruit; 200-300 times hotter than jalapenos; used in Caribbean and South American dishes.

HABANERO-RED SAVINA-hot,hot,hot!; 1½” chinese-lantern type fruit; twice as hot as Habanero; in the Guiness Book as the hottest chile known.

HABANERO-WHITE-hot; 1½” x 3/4″ greenish-white fruit; another Habanero from the Yucatan.

HIDALGO-hot; 3″ long by ½” wide fruits; similar in shape to Serrano and just as hot; pods ripen from green to red; use fresh or dried.

HOT BANANA-medium hot; banana shaped fruits average 6-8″; Hungarian type matures from light yellow to bright red; good pepper for cooler climates.

HOT PORTUGAL- fiery hot; 6″ tapered, glossy fruits; matures a scarlet red.

INDIAN P-C1-very hot; 2″ long, 1/4″ wide fruit; pods orange-red with a curve at the end and tapering to a point; grows upright in clusters; East Indian variety.

JALAPA HYBRID-medium heat; 2-3″ uniform, thick fleshed pods; an earlier, milder Jalpeño type; good for processing and home gardens.

JALAPEÑO EARLY-hot; 2-3″ sausage-shaped fruits; just like Jalapeño, but earlier and better adaptable to cool conditions; ideal for Mexican dishes.

JALAPEÑO JUMBO-hot; 3-3½” thick-walled, conical fruit; usually eaten green, fresh or canned; called “Chipotle” when smoked.

JALAPEÑO M-hot and pungent; 2-3″ blocky fruit with medium thick walls; very prolific all-purpose chile pepper .

JALAPEÑO TAM-medium heat; 2-3″ pendant, cylindrical fruits; just like Jalapeno without all the heat; matures early and is good for pickling.

JALORO-hot; 2-3″ thick-fleshed pods; this is a yellow Jalapeño developed by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service; matures a beautiful golden yellow; resistant to
six viruses.

JAMAICAN GOLD-hot; 1½” fruits; green to bright gold pepper from Jamaica; similar to the Habanero but earlier, flatter and somewhat milder.

JAMAICAN RED-hot; 1½” fruits; green to bright red pepper from Jamaica;similar to the Habanero but earlier, flatter and somewhat milder.

KOLASCA PAPRIKA-mild;4- 5″ x 1″ slender, pendant fruits; when dried, seeded and ground it makes the highest quality, brilliantly red sweet paprika.

KOREAN HOT-hot; 1″ marble-like pods; fruits turn from cream color to purple to orange then red; from Korea.

LANTERN-extremely hot; 1½” by 1″ pointed fruits; shaped like a toy top; very glossy, firm, thin skinned orange pods; a pretty plant with little lanterns hanging.

LAOTIAN-hot; 1″ long by 1/4″ wide; slim fruits mature to red; pods grow upright on plant; from Laos.

MALIBU PURPLE-hot; 3/4″ x 3/4″ conical fruits; plants are upright and purplish-green; pods start out purple and mature to flame red.

MERAH-hot; 4-5″ x 3/4″ long by 1/4″ wide; tapers to point; C. frutescens; dries well; grown in Malaysia and China.

MEXI-BELLE HYBRID-mild; 3-4 lobed fruit with firm flesh; a bell pepper with a mild chili flavor; resistant to TMV.

MIRASOL-medium hot and pungent flavor with hint of strawberry; 3″ x 3/4″ wide elongated pointed pods that grow in upright clusters; from Mexico.

MITLA HYBRID-hot; 3″ x 1″ early, high yielding jalapeno; continuous fruiting on plant; good in sauces, salads and vegetable dishes.

MUCHO NACHO HYBRID-hot; 3″ thick-walled, conical fruits; a larger Jalapeño type; perfect for stuffing.

MULATO ISLEÑO-mildly hot and sweet; 4-6″ flat, heart-shaped, pendant fruit; matures from deep green to dark brown; similar to Anchos, with better disease resistance; from Mexico.

NEW MEXICO #64-mildly pungent; 7″ long, 1½” wide flat fleshy fruits; hang in good numbers on 24″ plants; fine for drying.

NEW MEX JOE PARKER-mild; 6-7″ long by 1½” wide fruits; an improved New Mex type, with more uniform pods and thicker flesh; a heavy producer.

OLÉ-hot; 3-3½” long, thick fleshed fruits; a new Jumbo Jalapeño type; produces high yields on medium sized plants.

OROZCO-very hot; 6″ long by 1¾” wide at the shoulder; conical shaped fruits are clustered close together; pods mature from green to bright orange; from Eastern
European origin.

PAPER DRAGON HYBRID-medium hot; 6-7″ long by 7/8″ wide; thin fleshed, medium green pods mature red; dry easily and are great for storing whole, stringing into
ristras or grinding into chile powder.

PASILLA BAJIO-mild to moderate; 6-8″ long, 1″ wide fruit; dried pods are used in Mole sauces; TMV resistant; from Mexico.

PASILLA DE OAXACA-mild but distinctive flavor; 6-8″ thin, cylindrical fruit; pods are brown at maturity; excellent for mole sauces.

PEPERONCINI-mild; 4″ long and slightly wrinkled; fruits are good for eating fresh or pickled; from southern Italy.

PERUVIAN PURPLE-mildly hot; 1″ x 3/4″, deep purple, stubby fruit; grows upright in clusters; plants are completely purple; very ornamental.

PETER RED-hot; 3-4″ uniquely shaped fruit; green turning red at maturity; makes delicious chile powder.

PETER YELLOW-medium heat; 3-4″ uniquely shaped fruit; green turning yellow at maturity; another color of an old favorite.

PRETTY PURPLE-hot;1″ x 3/4″ fruits; completely purple-leaves, stems, flowers and unripe peppers; a striking show in the garden.

PULLA-medium hot; 3-4″ long, ½ ” wide fruits; sharp fruity flavor with a hint of licorice; thin skinned pods turn shiny brownish red at maturity.

PUPPY PEPPER-mild; ½” to ¾” pods mature red on extremely prolific plants; makes a great ornamental; from Costa Rica.

PURIRA-unbelievably hot; 2″ pointed, upright, yellow-purple fruit with medium-thick flesh; disease resistant; makes Habanero seem mild!

PUSA JWALA-medium pungent heat; 4″ x ½” wrinkled fruit with thin skin; heavy bearing; very tolerant; from India.

RAT TURD-hot; 1/2″ long by 1/4″ wide; small fruits mature to orange; pods look like their name…

RELLENO-sweetly mild, only slightly spicy; 9-12″ long, 2-3″ wide fruit; most dependable stuffing pepper for northern gardens.

RING OF FIRE-hot; 4″ x ½” , tapered fruit; abundant producer of excellent quality; good fresh or dried; red when ripe.

RIO GRANDE-medium hot; 3″ x 1¼” fruit, slightly larger and milder than Jalapenos; pale yellow when young, maturing to red; prolific; excellent processing pepper.

ROCOTILLO-very hot; uniquely shaped 1″ fruits have a pleasant flavor; a long season chile.

ROCOTO RED-very hot, with unique juicy flavor; square 1½-2 ” fruits; unique blue flowers and black seeds; very cold tolerant, to a few degrees below freezing; C.

ROCOTO YELLOW- very hot; square 1½- 2″ fruits similar to Rocoto Red; has black seeds; C. pubescens.

ROUMANIAN HOT HYBRID-mild; blocky 4″ fruits; yellow medium thick flesh matures to red; a high yielder.

ROYAL BLACK-hot; 1¼” long by ½” wide, bullet shaped fruits are borne upright; foliage and stems are a dark purple, almost black; fruits mature from purple to red; a

beautiful ornamental; makes pretty chile pepper vinegars.

RUSSIAN-mild; 1-2″ long by 3/8″ wide fruits; pods are held upright on plants;mature from green to red; from Russia.

SALSA DELIGHT-mild; long, narrow 7″ x ½” fruits; cayenne type; fruity taste with chile flavor without the heat; excellent disease resistance; from Turkey.

SANTA FE GRANDE-medium hot; 3-5″ conical, blunt fruits; yellow wax type; very high yielding.

SCOTCH BONNET RED-very hot; 1″ acorn-shaped fruits; pods mature from light green to red; a little smaller than a habanero, but earlier and just as hot.

SCOTCH BONNET YELLOW-very hot; 1″ acorn-shaped fruits; pods mature from light green to yellow; a little smaller than a habanero, but earlier and just as hot.

SEÑORITA HYBRID-mildly spicy; 3″ x ¾” cylindrical fruits; smooth, dark green skin, jalapeno flavor without the heat.

SERRANO-hot; 2-3″ long, ½” wide, conical fruit; pods mature from green to red; prolific; an all-purpose chile for heat lovers.

SERRANO PURPLE-hot; 2-3″ long by ½” wide; just like the Serrano, except pods mature to purple instead of red; unusual.

SQUASH RED-medium heat; 1½” by 1½” mushroom-shaped fruits; high yields of green peppers ripening to red; nice for pickling or drying for seasoning.

STRIPE-hot; 2″ sausage-shaped fruits; pods are striped like a watermelon; plant is compact with variegated leaves.

SUGARCHILE HYBRID-mildly spicy; 5-6″ long by 2-2½” wide, tapered fruits are thick fleshed; very sweet; matures deep red; medium sized plants have a heavy fruit set.

SUPER CHILI HYBRID-fiery hot; 2″ upright, pointed fruit; compact and productive, good for containers; suited for Thai, Szechwan and Asian cooking.

TABASCO-fiery hot with a unique smoky taste; 1½” small, pointed fruit; each plant can bear 100 erect chile pods; used in Creole cooking; C. frutescens.

TAKANOTSUME-very hot; 2½-3″ by ¼” wide; red pods; yields many upright clusters; one of the most popular peppers eaten in Japan.

TAM VERA CRUZ-hot; 2½” long by 1″ widepods; a jalapeño type developed by Texas A&M; produces high yields of disease resistant fruits on semi-compact plants; matures from dark green to red; good processing pepper.

TEXAS-very hot; small, round 1/2″ pods; a chiltepin type; a wild relative of cultivated peppers, that produces many pea- sized fruits that are attractive to birds;
from Wimberly, Texas.

THAI GIANT-very hot; 2-3″ fruits; twice the amount of flesh per pod as the Thai Hot; good for zesty Thai and Chinese recipes.

THAI HOT DRAGON HYBRID-very hot; 3-4″ by ½” wide; thin-skinned fruits; eight times hotter than jalapeno; each plant can produce 150-200 pods; good for drying.

THAI HOT ORNAMENTAL-very hot; 1″ small fruit held upright; widely used in Oriental dishes; compact 18″ plants make fine ornamentals.

THAI YELLOW- very hot; 2-3″ by ½” ; thin skinned pods are a rich golden yellow; great for drying.

TRINIDAD SEASONING-mild; 3″ by 1″ pods; a habanero type with very low heat; matures from green to red; good for adding fruity flavor without all the heat.

VALLERO-medium heat; long 4-6″ by 1″ wide pods; mature to a very dark red; good for drying; from Chihuahua, Mexico.

VARIEGATA-hot; 3/4-1″ ” pods shaped similar to jalapeno; plant has variegated foliage of white, green and purple; an attractive ornamental.

VENEZUELA-extremely hot; ½” by ½” round, pea-size purple pods mature red; leaves, flowers and stems are purple.

WENKS YELLOW HOTS-medium to hot fruits; 2-4″ long by 1½ wide taper to a blunt point; thick walled, waxy yellow pods mature to bright orange, then red; from
Albuquerque, New Mexico.

WILD BRAZIL-very hot; 3/8″ by 1/4″ roundish fruits; mature to a yellowish gold; a wild cultivar from Brazil.

YATSUFUSA-hot; 2-3″ long by 1/4″ across; fruit grows upright in clusters of 5-6 pods; C. frutescens; among top-ten favorite in California and is called “chiles

YELLOW BUMPY-hot; 1-1½” pods; fruits appear corrugated with ribs; plants are heavy producers; fruits arejuicy, very tasty and good for cooking; C. chinense.

YUNG KO-hot; 4-5″ by ½” wide; long curved fruit; similar to Cayenne but not as hot; used fresh or dried; from Taiwan.

YUQUITANIA-very hot; tear-shaped pods; matures from green to shiny red; from Southern Mexico.

ZIMBABWE BIRD-one of the world’s hottest; tiny 3/4″ triangular pods are borne upright; from Africa.